At Over the rainbow the staff plan the day carefully, to meet each child’s well-being and learning needs. They plan the use of space inside and out to maximise each child’s learning objectives. Timing of activities and how the children move around the Day Nurseries is well co-ordinated on a daily basis. Appropriate resources are available and easily accessible to promote the children’s all-round development. Using the High Scope Approach the children freely choose activities (some more challenging than others), test their abilities and make new discoveries within safe boundaries.

The High Scope Approach highlights the fact that all children are active learners from birth and that in order to develop to their full potential the infants require a welcoming, child orientated physical environment, with daily routines that can be adapted and modified to suit their needs.

While closely interacting and supporting the children at play observations are carried out regularly and recorded in each child’s individual developmental record which they later share with the child’s parents.

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