Annual Events

Graduation.Sponsored Charity Events
Every year our children, staff and parents support local charities such as Mencap and NSPCC. These fundraising events are always extremely well supported by all and the sponsored activity provides much fun and entertainment for everyone involved.

Pre-school Graduation Day
This is a day of celebration and fun as well as a sense of pride and achievement for the children, their parents and all the staff. Most of the children will have attended Over the Rainbow Day Nurseries from infancy progressing from total dependants to independent thinkers.

Towards the end of their Pre-school year, each child will have completed their individual “Getting ready for school” folder which involves developing their pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math and independent skills.

Christmas Concert
At Christmas, the Toddler, Pre-school and After-school children are given the opportunity to perform for their proud parents. The Toddlers sing their favourite Christmas songs and carols. The Pre-school children perform the Nativity play which involves lots of singing. The After-school children enjoy the opportunity to sing, recite a poem, dance or play an instrument for their delighted parents.

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