Physical play is fun for all healthy children who have lots of energy, so at Over the Rainbow Day Nurseries we offer them many opportunities to climb, run, crawl, balance, dance etc. all of which help their bones and muscles to develop.

For the older children in the nursery, we emphasis the benefits of exercise and healthy living. In order to encourage this we provide the following fun opportunities in and around the Belfast area:

  • Gymnastic Classes
  • Tennis Lessons
  • Soccer Classes
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  • Deramore Nursery
  • 2 Deramore Drive, Malone Road,
    Belfast, BT9 5JQ
    Telephone 028 90661174

  • Eglantine Nursery

  • 67-71 Eglantine Avenue, Malone Road,
    Belfast, BT9 6EW
    Telephone 028 90683297